Q: How do I make reservations with Wilson driver service?

Email to us or book by website form

Q: What’s the difference between the vehicle classes?

Wilson driver service offers a wide selection of vehicle types in order to best meet the needs of our passengers and travel organizers. To learn about the differences please visit our home page or contact us.

Q: What information need to be provided when reserving a service?

 Passenger’s name, pick-up and drop-off locations, vehicle request, Whatsapp and email address are basically needed. We ensure that any information you provide to us when booking is confidential and never shared with a third party.

Q: What is Wilson driver service’s cancellation policy?

Cancellation made in excess 24 hours of service time will not charge any cancellation fee. All cancellations are accepted only by email. Cancellation made within 24 hours of service time will charge your deposit.

Q: When will I get the driver details after reservation?

We normally send the driver details to passenger by email one day prior to the service day.